Different Types of Steel

Mountain View Construction uses panels made from quality steel coils
shipped from Indiana, Illinois, Pennsylvania and other states. Our metal is offered in 22 different colors in 2 gauges and 3 rib patterns, with up to a 40 year warranty.
We also offer secondary metal products at discounted prices that are not warranted. Mountain View offers 4 different types of metal.

Top grade Galvalume which carries a 40 year warranty.
It has a base of Galvalume under a coat of durable, baked on enamel paint.
A Graber line of Galvanized steel.
It has a Galvanized base under the baked on enamel paint that has a 30 year warranty.
Secondary, or #2 steel.
Available painted in dozens of colors or unpainted. It carries no warranty.
Specialty Trims.
Everything from standard ridge cap to custom pieces.
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